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Collect all 13 books as they come out! Each book includes a recipe card so you can bake along with your favorite characters. Plus, scan the QR code to see a video of how the recipe is made!

Our First Book

Lottie wakes up to a wonderful surprise—a tea party!
But there’s one problem (or make that two): her mischievous older cousins, Annie and Mary. Find out what happens when Lottie is left to make a decision about what is more important to her—being well mannered or speaking up. Will Lottie still be able to have the elegant tea party she was hoping for?

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Our Second Book

Lottie is going to be a big sister! Granny Beth tries to keep Lottie and Brodie busy at home while Mommy and Daddy are at the hospital. Find out how to make an indulgent, decadent vegan chocolate cake made out of beets!

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Our Third Book

The entire family gathers at the Montgomery's for their traditional Christmas feast, and Lottie is in charge of the dessert. Find out what happens when she gets distracted and forgets the pavlova in the oven!

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  • Lottie


    Kind-hearted and exceptionally polite, Lottie loves to bake with her mom.

  • Mommy


    Mommy runs a successful cream tea company and enjoys teaching Lottie how to bake.

  • Daddy


    Daddy's mantra is, “Wherever we’re together is where we call home.”

Bake Alongside Lottie and Mommy

Make your own homemade scones just like they do in the book!

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