Meet The Characters

Meet The Characters


Full Name: Charlotte Rose Montgomery

Lottie is kind-hearted and exceptionally polite.  She is compassionate and empathetic towards animals and people but has a soft spot for the elderly and children. She loves horses, drawing, playing with her older brother Brodie, and most of all, baking in the kitchen with Mommy.


Full Name: Catherine Elizabeth Montgomery

Mommy has her hands full running her successful frozen food business—Mom’s Stuffed Rolls™, selling delicious stuffed dinner rolls. But as always, family comes first, and her number one priority is to make sure her family is happy and healthy.  She loves to spend time with Lottie, Brodie, and Daddy, going on picnics and having tea parties.


Full Name: Brodie William Montgomery

Brodie is the best older brother anyone could ask for. He is caring, respectful, and very protective of his younger sister. He is incredibly helpful around the house and loves books, dinosaurs, and dogs.


Full Name: Matthew Ryan Montgomery

Daddy may be busy with work but always makes time for his family. He loves to golf and eat the delicious bakes that are always in the kitchen. His mantra is, “Wherever we’re together is where we call home.”

Auntie Isla

Auntie Isla is Daddy’s younger sister. She has a son named Nick and a daughter named Annie.

Cousin Annie

Annie plays very nicely with Lottie when Mary isn’t around but, under Mary’s influence, whom she finds to be absolutely hilarious, copies everything she does—good or bad.

Cousin Mary

Mary is no doubt naughty and sometimes even downright rude.  Although she doesn’t mean to, she tends to drag her cousin Annie along when she gets into trouble.

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